The need is great.  We can do this together.

Our mission is to help people move forward in life by building a future on a solid foundation of value and purpose.

The Forward Foundation offers affordable, professional counseling and coaching that is faith-based and research-informed.   The need is great!  To maximize impact, we partner with individuals and organizations who desire to serve those seeking help.  Learn how we are meeting the growing need for care in our world. 

Partnering with individuals, churches, and non-profits to increase the availability of affordable care.

Creating a network of care by...

Caring for Non-profits

The Forward Foundation provides discounted care for church and non-profit staff registered with the Forward Foundation.

We donate over $10,000 in care a year.

Equipping Care Providers

Our accredited, faith-based, research-informed coach training program can be used to equip individuals, organizations, and teams with the skills to lead themselves and others towards a more satisfying personal and professional life.

Leadership Training
Onsite Training
Coach Training

Strengthening Marriage

The Forward Foundation started the Austin Marriage Initiative to elevate marriage across Austin and ensure every couple is offered the vision, skills, and support to thrive in their relationship.

board of directors

Scott Esler

Scott Esler


Retired Business Executive

Cabot Corporation
Global Manufacturing
19 Years

ABC Home & Commercial Services
Diversified Service Company
20 Years
Greg Tolander

Greg Tolander


Co-founder and CEO of Oak River

Former CIO at IXC Communications and Sprint PCS

Skilled in Business Planning & Operations Management

Rob Neville

Rob Neville


President and CEO of Goodwill Central Texas

Innovative and entrepreneurial business and non-profit leader

Track record of strategic and execution accomplishments

Solome Skaff

Solome Skaff


President and CEO of The Forward Foundation

LPC-S with over 20 years of counseling and coaching experience

Co-founded The Forward Foundation with his wife Hil in 2019

We’re building a growing network of dedicated counselors and coaches motivated by faith
to help the hurting overcome obstacles, get unstuck, and begin asking themselves existential questions about the larger meaning and purpose of life. 

Donations support free and discounted counseling, coaching, and ministry development.