LifeCare Classroom Training

Be a source of healing in your community. 

When people struggle with emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems, they often seek out faith-based organizations for support and care.  

Equip your team to be a refuge for healing and comfort.

LifeCare Onsite Training can be delivered in multiple formats and equips your existing team faith-based research-informed skills to launch or grow a Care Ministry. 

“I’m often the one helping others. The training gave me a chance to talk to someone about my own life who wasn’t there to judge me or fix me.It helped me grow, and made me want to help others grow as well.”

-LifeCare Training Participant

LifeCare Classroom Training

Be a source of healing in your community.

The LifeCare Classroom Skills Training consists of 10 hours of pre-course studies and 36 hours of experiential coach training contact hours.  Participants learn skills and practice them in safe, confidential sessions, taking turns as Clients, Coaches, and Observers. 

The training schedule is adjusted for organizational needs and can be done over a weekend or consecutive weeks.  

LifeCare Classroom Training Covers:

  • LifeCare self-guided study course prep
  • When and How to Refer Others for Additional Support
  • Creating a Safe Environment
  • Relational Skills
  • Understanding What Motivates Change
  • Coaching through the Cycle of Change
  • Communication Skills for Sensitive Situations
  • Coaching through Overwhelming & Unhelpful Emotions
  • Conflict De-escalation
  • Coaching to Create Positive Resources for Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Health
  • Steps for Addressing Relational Issues: Forgiveness, Amends, & Reconciliation
  • Grace, Guilt, & Shame
  • Exploring the Past to Get Unstuck and Forge Meaning
  • Coaching for Change in Problematic Thoughts & Beliefs
  • Coaching to Create a Missional Vision for the Future
  • Limits of Confidentiality
  • Global Code of Ethics

Purchase Options:

  • $3,000  
  • 2-year subscription @ $250 per month
    * includes LifeCare Essentials for your staff
  • Training for up to 18 people
  • Price does not include travel expenses for on-site training

Faith-based and Research-informed

LifeCare On-Site Training is internationally recognized and accredited by the Association for Coaching. Upon completion, graduates can pursue professional Life and Executive Coaching certification.

LifeCare Training has been taught to individuals, organizations, and churches throughout the US and Europe. 

The need is great.  We can do this together.