Austin Marriage Initiative

AMI seeks to be a local presence that connects and unites people across our community with the shared vision of serving marriages.
The Forward Foundation launched the Austin Marriage Initiative in 2023 to bring together program providers, churches, professionals, businesses, and leaders with a desire to strengthen marriage. 

AMI partners with churches to...


Increase the availability of relationship education and support in Austin.


Provide training and leadership to host and launch marriage and relationship ministries and events. 


Help churches find faith-based, researched-informed programs that align with their goals and objectives.  

Our Mission

Ensure every couple in Austin is offered 
the vision, skills, and support 
to be successful in their marriage 

Our Vision

Every couple in Austin reaches the full potential
of their relationship in a way that creates 
a powerful ripple effect, strengthening families and community.

Join the Movement

There are over 500,000 marriages in Austin
with 100,000 couples struggling, 
10,000 filing for divorce–38 today.