On Demand LifeCare Skills Training

Affordable Care Training for Organizational Leadership.

Where do people turn in times of need?  

Compassionate leaders are natural confidants when those they serve are struggling.

LifeCare Leadership equips organizational leaders. 

Most people serving in leadership and ministry have never received specific, professional training in relational care, and yet are often the first ones people turn towards for help.   

Equip your team to care for those they serve.

LifeCare Leadership equips leaders with faith-based, research-informed skills to provide basic relational care to the people they serve. 

LifeCare OnDemand Skills Training

Never be left wondering how to respond to a challenging situation. 

LifeCare OnDemand Training is customizable to your organizational needs.  All training is online and on-demand and prepares your team to care for the emotional and relational needs of those they lead.

LifeCare Skills Training:

  • Person centered-coaching skills
  • Cognitive behavioral coaching
  • Motivational Interviewing for coaches
  • Goal setting for life or business

LifeCare Skills Training Includes:

  • 16 On-demand LifeCare training sessions 
  • Over 11 hours of video content
  • Membership in LifeCare Coach peer support group
  • Recorded real-life coaching sessions
  • Over 500 pages of reference material 

Purchase Options:

  • Individual: $150 per person
  • Group: $1,200 per year ($100 per month) for up to 18 users. 
    * Includes LifeCare Essentials for your team

Faith-based and Research-informed

LifeCare OnDemand training module content is the same as the
Accredited LifeCare Coach Training.

LifeCare training has been taught to individuals, organizations, and church groups all over the US and Europe 

Connect with your Purpose

To effectively serve others, we must understand our journey and purpose. 

The LifeCare Book helps people connect with their journey and purpose and gain the self-awareness necessary to care for others' emotional and relational needs.  

To get the most out of LifeCare OnDemand Training, consider reading the LifeCare book before completing the training modules. 

The need is great.  We can do this together.