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The Forward Foundation provides individual and marital counseling from a faith-based, research informed perspective. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where you can explore challenges, discover and build on strengths, and find your passion.

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Sometimes you just need someone who will provide a confidential environment, listen well, ask powerful questions, and help you build an achievable plan to realise goals and overcome challenges. To take charge of your thinking, and live out your values.

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You’ve been through your own struggles. Now you want to give back. You’re not sure a lengthy, expensive counseling degree is necessary, but you do want to help others in a way that is ethical, skilful, and practical. Maybe informally at church or a non-profit. Maybe as a profession.

If you’re a church or non-profit charity, you might even want to start your own coaching outreach to help take care of your people and community.

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