Life Care

Faith-based, Research-informed Care

LifeCare is a modular, faith-based, researched-informed training program to mobilize the Body of Christ to meet the growing need for emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal care.

  • LifeCare Book - Self-discovery.
  • LifeCare On-demand Training - Skills Training
  • LifeCare Classroom Training- Skills Mastery  
  • LifeCare Coach Certification- Professional Certification

LifeCare training is developed in a modular format that begins with self-discovery and can lead to professional accreditation.  Each level builds on the previous and equips individuals and organizations with care skills aligned with their needs.  

Step 1: Self Discovery

LifeCare Book

Everyone is called to ministry for deeply personal reasons. Before effectively serving others, we must understand our journey and purpose. 

The LifeCare Book guides readers on a path to connect with their journey and purpose and gain the self-awareness necessary to help others move forward effectively. 

By completing the book, you will have become more aware of your values and where they come from.

Step 2: Learn Skills

LifeCare OnDemand Skills Training

Discover tools and strategies for helping others process experiences and move forward with over 11 hours of online training.

LifeCare OnDemand Library covers:

  • Helping people process using person centered-coaching skills
  • Increasing motivation by connecting thoughts and beliefs to actions
  • Goal setting  and overcoming unhelpful emotions 
  • Understanding amends, forgiveness, and reconciliation
  • Effective problem solving
  • Establishing vision and purpose

The LifeCare OnDemand Library provides organizations with an affordable way to equip their leaders with proven skills to provide care to those they serve.   Training increases competency in mentoring, caring for, and leading others in your context. 

Step 3: Skills Mastery

LifeCare Classroom Training

LifeCare Skills Training consists of 10 hours of pre-course study and 36 contact hours of experiential training.  

After learning the skills, training participants practice them in safe, confidential sessions where they take turns as Client, Coach, and Observer.

Skills mastery can be done onsite, online, or at destination locations.

Step 4: Professional Accreditation

Life Coach Accreditation

LifeCare Professional Accreditation provides a path for those seeking professional certification and accreditation. Upon completion, participants will have completed 120 hours of training.

LifeCare Coach Training is accredited by the Association for Coaching. LifeCare Coach training meets the requirements to become a Life or Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching.

LifeCare training right for you and your organization

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