Lonnie Wilson

About Me: BA in Psychology Senior Athlete, avid bicyclist Father of 5 children, 4 grandchildren Married twice, divorced once, total of 45 years of marriage Retired for several years Celebrate Recovery Leader for 9 years Advanced LifeCare Coach Training Graduate Organizational Member of the Association for Coaching Individual Profile: Sometimes it can feel like a surprise that life is such...[ read more ]

Amy Tipps

About Me: Married 32 years, mother of four wonderful children, two amazing daughter-in-laws, and first grandbaby arriving December 2020 13 years of experience in secular recovery and 12-step recovery ministries, and 11+ years in leadership positions within various 12-step ministries 5 years experience on church staff as Director of Lay Ministries, and multiple years of experience in leadership within Women’s...[ read more ]

Trudy Loofs

About Me: Married 30 years Mother to four boys and two daughters-in-law Educator with 12 years of classroom experience BS in Education, Curriculum, & Instruction Certification in Early Childhood Development Advanced LifeCare Coach Training Graduate Over 5 years of experience leading marriage enrichment programs & coaching couples in crisis Over 10 years of experience leading women in personal discipleship &...[ read more ]

Forgiveness, Amends and Reconciliation Part 3 of 3

Forgiveness – 3 choices In my last 2 posts, I examined the emotional, spiritual and health-related benefits of forgiving someone who harmed you, and then outlined what forgiveness is and what it isn’t.  In this post, I will give you some practical tips about how to navigate relationships with a person you’ve forgiven. There are 3 ways to define a...[ read more ]

Forgiveness, Amends and Reconciliation Part 2 of 3

What forgiveness is and isn’t In my last post, I made the point that forgiveness is something you do for yourself.  It’s not necessarily for them, it’s for you.  It’s the only way to stop the feelings of bitterness and anger from consuming your life and driving you into an early grave as the stress takes its toll on your...[ read more ]

Forgiveness, Amends and Reconciliation Part 1 of 3

Stop hitting yourself When I was young my older brother and I used to play a game. At least to him it was a game. To me it was a mild version of torture.  It was called ‘stop hitting yourself.’ It went like this: I would poke at him, as younger siblings do, and then in retaliation he would grab...[ read more ]

Normative Male Alexithymia: Let’s Talk About It

There’s an old joke that goes a little something like this:Two women sit next to one another in the park, chatting.The first woman turns to the other and asks, "Does your husband talk to you?"And the other woman replies, "All the time! He asks me what’s for dinner, he asks me if he has clean socks. Once he asked me...[ read more ]

10 Signs You’re Addicted to Working

We live in a society that worships the overachiever. Burning the candle at both ends and denying yourself pleasure until the work gets done is seen as honorable. And while having a good work ethic is definitely key to living your best life, it is also important to balance your work life with a sense of play and freedom. If...[ read more ]

How Focusing on Your Faith Can Help with Depression & Anxiety

It has long been believed that having faith is key to getting through some of life’s greatest challenges. A spiritual practice can often give people the strength and confidence to push through obstacles and make positive changes.But can faith have a positive effect on depression and anxiety? According to new research, it can.Your Brain on SpiritualityAccording to a study published...[ read more ]

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