Dori Eversmann

It is my JOY to teach people skills that can reduce their anxiety & stress and help them make a positive impact on the world. When a person is able to return to calm easily, their relationships improve and they are empowered to lead well. This supports stronger connections and increasing Peace-Joy-Love in life, even in the midst of challenges.

I enjoy helping owners, leaders, and parents clarify their vision in order to create a successful and deeply satisfying life. I draw from my experience in founding, growing, and selling a bookkeeping company (30+ clients, team of 6), raising four children, and now also celebrating over 30 years of marriage.

My coaching focus is to help others:• Gain skills in regulating strong emotions• More successfully return to a neutral baseline• Reduce or eliminate negative thinking patterns, such as criticism of self or others, blaming, harsh judgement, over-personalizing, all-or-nothing thinking, mind-reading, & catastrophizing• Recognize & stop self-sabotage, which is usually hidden in blind spots• Uncover core issues and triggers that lead to fight/freeze

Better awareness and stronger resolution of the patterns above can positively position you for a healthier and deeper connection with yourself and with others. Through life coaching, you can practice and master skills that can help make room for the experiences of life we all long for— enjoying more peace of mind, approaching life more flexibly, cultivating joy through curiosity, knowing when to step forward courageously, having less hesitation when it’s time to take action, the ability to be fully present, an awareness of where we feel truly grateful, and achieving authentic self-expression.

I have learned to overcome many challenges and believe that everyone has the ability to create a flourishing life.

When I am not with family or involved in professional activities, I'm working hard at gym classes or enjoying our two cavapoo pups. Stillness practice, reading, listening to podcasts, and conversations with friends are key parts of my day as well.

Whether you’d like to set a new life goal, strengthen your relationships, take on new career challenges, or process something that seems to be holding you back, I’d be honored to support you through your process of change, growth, and freedom.

About Me:

  • Advanced LifeCare Coach Training Course Graduate
  • Advanced Certification in Counseling, Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling Master’s Program
  • Enneagram Flourishing Life Certified Coach
  • Mentor and speaker for start-up accelerators in Austin
  • Bachelor of Science: Business & Management, minor in Organizational Psychology
  • Business co-founder and owner with a team of 6 and 30+ clients
  • Married nearly 30 years, raised four children, homeschooled many years

Contact Information:

  • For your convenience, I offer meetings in person, via video conference, and phone.
  • I offer a free 15-minute confidential initial consult to help you find out if coaching will meet your needs.
  • To book a consult or appointment with me, call the Forward Foundation office at 512-829-3969, or email an appointment request to