LifeCare Coach Training is accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC), a global organization with members from over 70 countries including professional coaches, training and coaching service providers, internal coaches, and organizations building coaching cultures.

LifeCare Coach training meets the requirements for the following three levels of Coach accreditation with the AC:

  • Foundation Coach/Executive 
  • CoachCoach/Executive Coach
  • Professional Coach/Executive Coach
Module 1 - Client Relationship
  • Become familiar with the Global Code of Ethics for Coaching
  • Discussion of and greater familiarity with sample client contract
  • Commitment to a positive promotion and representation of the coaching profession
  • Understanding liability insurance requirements
  • Understanding the importance of Client Confidentiality
  • Boundaries with clients
  • Differences between coaching and other helping professions
  • How to use referrals to encourage appropriate levels of client care and support
  • Record keeping procedures
  • Data protection laws and obligations
  • Person-centered Coach attributes of empathy, unconditional positive regard, congruence, the importance of building trust and rapport, and theological correlates
Module 2 - Essential LifeCare Skills

LifeCare Coaching Framework: Using PROPER IV to explore choices while protecting rapport.

  • Process comments
  • Reflections
  • Open questions
  • Prayer (when ethical and appropriate)
  • Encouragement
  • Requests
  • Information
  • Validation

Module 3 - Inspiring Change
  • Using PROPER IV to increase client motivation and build rapport
  • Working with client motivation
  • Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation
  • Understanding resistance to change
  • ‘Rolling with’ client resistance to change
  • Spiritual perspective on change for coaches working with clients who want spirituality to be a part of their coaching experience
  • Reframing pain, failure or struggle to increase client motivation to change
  • Heightening discrepancy between current behavior and values/long-term goals
  • Change as process
  • Tailor coaching to meet client at their current stage in the change process
  • Maintaining core conditions of coaching throughout the change process
Module 4 - Personal History
  • Develop ability to lead a client through a reflect on personal history and deepen self-insight in a conversational way
  • Develop an intuitive sense of when to probe and when to let an issue lie
  • Develop the ability to refrain from fixing and advice giving
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to client’s preference regarding the role of spirituality or personal beliefs in their coaching experience
Module 5 - Cognitions, Emotions and Behaviors
  • Understand the relationship between cognitions, emotions and behaviors
  • Understand how to use the ‘Functional Thoughts and Beliefs’ worksheet to help clients identify and modify problematic thoughts, beliefs and behaviors leading to a reduction in emotional distress.
  • Help clients create a measurable plan for behavioral change.
Module 6 - Amends, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation
  • Develop your understanding of the difference between amends, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
Module 7 - Problem Solving
  • Develope the ability to move a client all the way through the problem-solving strategy using PROPER IV.
  • Help clients create measurable goals using COSMIC method (Controllable, Observable, Simple, Measurable, Immediate, Consistent)
Module 8 - Acting Against Emotions
  • Develop the ability to help the client discern what action to take when they feel an emotional impulse to do something that contradicts their goals and values
  • Develope the ability to help clients create a plan for what they will do the next time they feel the troublesome emotion.
Module 9 - Skillful Communications Strategies
  • Develop the ability to help the client create a skillful communication strategy using IPA WIN (Issue, Perspective, Assert, demonstrate how this will be a Win-Win solution) or LEG (Listen, Endorse, Goal) while using PROPER IV

Module 10 - Building Abundant Life
  • Develop familiarity with HEARTS positive activities options (Hobbies, Exercise, Affection, Rest, Time for yourself, Spiritual activities) and other community resources.
  • Help clients create a COSMIC goals to create abundant Life 
Module 11 - Boundaries and Limits
  • Develop the ability to help clients set boundaries and limits with COSMIC goal-setting strategy and PROPER IV.
Module 12 - Dealing with Unhelpful Emotions
  • Helping the client plan ahead to act against predictably reoccurring unhelpful emotions.
  • Helping clients develop a plan to implement positive resources into their daily lives.
Module 13 - Missional Vision
  • Consolidate personal learning and growth gained through the completion of the LifeCare book and LifeCare Coach Training by creating a vision for implementation of coaching skills.
  • Assemble the building blocks necessary to communicate that vision to others who can help.
  • Create a behavioral plan for implementation of vision.
  • Learn a process by which future clients might also discover a sense of purpose or life direction and begin to implement.
Module 14 - New Coaching Clients
  • Get new coaching client
  • Contract with a new client
Module 15 - Client Based Goals
  • Working with client based on client goals
  • Conceptualize coaching client and selecting the best tool(s) to help them achieve their goals
Module 16 - LifeCare for Clients
  • Continue working with client based on client goals
  • Conceptualize coaching client and, now having learned all the LifeCare coaching tools, select the best tool(s) to help them achieve their goals

Professional Coach Accreditation

120-hour course consisting of class time (60 hours), self-study (40 hours) and post-training coaching sessions (20 hours).

The LifeCare Training course consists of 16 modules and practice sessions that satisfy the AC coach training requirement for accreditation.

Virtual, recorded teaching you can work through at your own pace.

Price $1995

Ala Cart Lifecare Skills Training

Learn specific LifeCare skills.  LifeCare modules are available Ala Cart for $149 each.  Modules 1-3 teach the basics of the coaching relationship, how change works, and establishing trust.  These modules are prerequisites for all others.  Once you have completed Modules 1-3, focus on the specific skills that interest you. 

Virtual OnDemand Training

LifeCare Virtual OnDemand Training is designed for those who want to use LifeCare skills in a business or ministry context. 

Course Includes:

  • 11 hours of video content
  • Group page to network with other current or past graduates
  • Recorded real-life coaching sessions
  • The same teaching content as in the accredited course
  • Over 500 pages of reference material 
  • Self-paced and On-demand


  • $150
  • Includes recorded real-life coaching sessions so you can see the tools in action
  • Same teaching content as in the accredited course, which meets industry standards for professional coach accreditation
  • Over 500 pages of reference material included in the course that will be mailed right to your door!
  • This material has been taught to individuals and church groups all over the US, Europe and beyond


  • Those who complete this course and live locally in the Austin TX area become eligible to volunteer to join The Forward Foundation’s coaching ministry to the formerly homeless at the Community First! village.
  • If you do not live locally and want to start a similar ministry in your area, we’d love to partner with you in an advisory capacity to help you develop your coaching outreach ministry.

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