You’ve talked about it with friends and associates, but that hasn’t helped. Sure, you’ve gotten some good advice, but it’s nothing you didn’t already know.  Some of it missed the point. And of course, they all had to share their experience… which was not quite the same as yours. And then there were the agendas. Everybody seems to have one.

You’ve talked to a pastor or mentor about it too and gotten a few nuggets of wisdom.  But knowing the right thing to do and doing it consistently can be two different things.

Things like forgiving, using spiritual gifts, leading others, reconciling with someone, quitting a bad habit or gaining confidence – it isn’t easy.

Finding someone who will walk with you every step of the way and provide non-judgmental, spiritually informed, research supported feedback as the situation evolves, is hard to come by.

You could see a counselor, but you don’t feel quite ready for therapy, or know if it’s necessary.

If that sounds like you, then you’re a perfect candidate for LifeCare Coaching at The Forward Foundation.

Our Coaches are accredited by the Association for Coaching, adhere to the highest ethical standards, and are well trained to help clients apply their faith and values to their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We use a Biblical, research-based coaching methodology that helps clients:

  • Learn to change negative thinking patterns
  • Generate new behavioral patterns
  • Find peace in difficult situations
  • Provide communication strategies that work with others who are emotionally sensitive
  • Process briefly through the past as needed, in order to make lasting changes in the present
  • Practice strategies to work through relational damage

Let us help you create the life you were made to live!

Appointments Available Starting February 2020

“I was amazed at how a suggested passage of Scripture opened up such a deep window into my own story. It was then carefully and skillfully brought out and developed.”

– Coaching Client

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Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 829-3969

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