LifeCare Christian Coach Training

An Experience That Will Transform Your Life, Relationships, & Ministry.

LifeCare Training is a 10 hour pre-course self-guided study, combined with 32 contact hours of experiential learning. Participants are taught time-tested recovery skills, traditional discipleship methods, and research-supported coaching techniques.

“I’m often the one helping others. The training gave me a chance to talk to someone about my own life who wasn’t there to judge me or fix me.
It helped me grow, and made me want to help others grow as well.”

-LifeCare Training Participant

You can’t lead someone where you aren’t willing to go yourself. Even Jesus was willing to face the struggles of this world to be perfected for His role as eternal High Priest (Hebrews 2).

For that reason, training participants first learn skills, then practice them in safe, confidential sessions where they take turns as Client, Coach, and Observer. This creates space for attendees to care for and coach one another towards setting goals, working through difficulties or challenges, and defining a vision for the future.

By the completion of training, you will have developed greater awareness of your values and where they come from, enhanced appreciation of God’s grace, and increased competency in coaching, caring for and leading others.

Training Covers:

  • LifeCare self-guided study course prep
  • Limits of Confidentiality
  • Global Code of Ethics
  • When and How to Refer Others for Additional Support
  • Creating a Safe Environment
  • Relational Skills
  • Understanding what Motivates Change
  • Coaching through the Cycle of Change
  • Communication Skills for Sensitive Situations
  • Coaching through Overwhelming & Unhelpful Emotions
  • Conflict De-escalation
  • Coaching to Create Positive Resources for Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Health
  • Steps for Addressing Relational Issues: Forgiveness, Amends, & Reconciliation
  • Grace, Guilt, & Shame
  • Exploring the Past to get Unstuck and Forge Meaning
  • Coaching for Change in Problematic Thoughts & Beliefs
  • Coaching to Create a Missional Vision for the Future
  • Strict confidentiality and ethical rules are observed throughout the course.

“Even in the first session, I started to learn how important it was to not try to fix people, to not try to give them the answers, but to bring them to the place where they can understand that there is an answer, and that nothing they’ve done is too much to separate them from God, or a healthy restorative life.”

-LifeCare Training Participant

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